By now you should have received an invitation to your event page at, by email with a link to this page.

Once you accept this invitation, establish a user name and password and after verifying your account, you will have access to your own user page, along with a custom event group configured for you and your event.

With your login, you will be able to configure your own profile, upload your own profile and cover picture all alike to typical social media websites. Here you will received notification, send messages and view your friends pages.

If you are new to this site, clicking on Send Social Invites you will allow you to easily invite your Facebook friends (or others site when available) to join our site as well. Once they join, you can invite them to be your friend and share public or private comments. Note: the same invitation feature is available on the site bar of every page on our site.

Your Event Page

Once you have set up your account, please advise us at and we will promote your username to give you administration right to your group. With this access, you will be able to upload your own profile and cover picture for your event, add a title to your liking and invite site users to join your group.

Most importantly, once you have your group configured and guests login, you will have a private social network for all those attending your event for you and your guests to share information & post ideas, make music requests and upload media to in advance of or during your event fo you to download for safe keep for years to come.

To set up your social site, please login and by clicking on groups from within your profile or by following this link and selecting your event. Please click Manage and update your Group Description. Once complete, you can upload are own profile and cover picture to customize your page to your liking.

Once complete, you can invite users to join your event group by one of two methods.

If you have already invited people to join our site, click on Send Invites and search or scroll to find and select your guest user names. Once complete, click Send Invites and wait for their responses.

Alternatively, should they not have a Flashpoint account, click on Send Invites however follow the link “Want to invite someone to the group who is not yet a member of the site? Send invitations by email.” This will open a page where you can easily e-mail your guests a link to immediately join your new group – all you need is there email address, and the leave the rest to us (or customize the note as you see fit – the choice is yours).  Before you select Invite, be sure to select your event from the choices so your guest are automatically enrolled when the register.

Once you have built your social community, you will have the ability to not only share ideas and chat with your guests, but you’ll have direct access to your own private event planning page where you can easily plan every detail of your event. Once complete, print your copy for your reference and be rest assured, we will have our copy as well.

From the same group page, your guest can also log into a request centre where they can make requests for the evening’s music to be sure you are meeting the needs of all of your guests. They can also upload pictures, videos and music into custom albums to ensure the excitement and memories of your event are captured.

All of this important guest information is captured in a brief Welcome Letter we have prepared on your behalf. – if you would like this edited, please send us an e-mail at and we will correct as soon as possible.

We hope you find this service enhances your event and assist with your planning efforts. Should you have any any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us to discuss.

See you at your event.



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